Tuesday, April 23, 2013



Here is the Napa picture I tweeted out the other day. For whatever reason, it looked blurry on the tweet but clear on the phone and the computer. Something on the Twitter end? Sweat on the phone? Not sure. Sharpened it up for posting here.

Anyway, baby grape leaves are bursting on the vines in Napa as another growing season gets underway. Highway 29 through the Valley is a beautiful view, mountains on both sides overlooking this massive agricultural area, but it is a treacherous drive. It's a two-lane road, lined by very fancy vineyards, and you have drivers making sudden stops as they look for the next wine-tasting party on the itinerary. It's a must-see for vino fans, just be prepared for the crowds...

The distortion on panoramas is a bit disconcerting for someone looking accurate representation. The curves upward on the ends aren't really there - the land was flat where I stopped to take this. I love the artistry it creates, but the photojournalist in me cringes a bit.

First-world problems. Still love it, and am grateful for the opportunity to shoot such beautiful scenery.