Friday, June 07, 2013

The Dean of the House

Dingell 437

One of the best memories I have of being in this business is that I was able to have a long conversation with John Dingell a few days after he had gaveled the health care bill through the House. He is very approachable, very friendly, and was more than eager to chat about how the bill would work and its chances of getting through the Senate - a very important part of our nation's history, and I knew it. Just absolutely thrilled to speak with him.

Today John Dingell becomes the longest serving member of Congress ever - a fascinating life well-lived. Thank you Congressman for your years of service to our country.

This was taken at the Next Energy event with Joe Biden back in 2009. Dingell was recovering from knee (?) surgery at the time, and he still moved pretty quick on those crutches. It was a happy day for Michigan, evident in the smile on his face.