Monday, July 15, 2013

We Are All Trayvon


Protesters lay down in the intersection at 14th and Broadway in downtown Oakland.

Talked to at least five people last night that said the vandalism is coming from suburban kids - one guy even had a bunch of his friends watching them last night, and was ready to turn them in to the cops if they started their shit again. That might sound normal and reasonable to you - but the thought of actually approaching the OPD and turning people in is big deal here. I tend to believe these accounts because I saw it with my own eyes during the Occupy protests; groups of mostly white kids wearing masks and bandannas, running around spray painting buildings and breaking property.

It's sad because it gives the city such a black eye, and these kids aren't residents of the city. The people of Oakland are pretty pissed off about it. Hope it stops, because it certainly doesn't accomplish anything. I guess last night went OK; the cops kept their distance and just let the march work itself out. Smart thing to do.