Saturday, November 15, 2014

Don't Swerve


Not the best of shots as the sun caused a dash reflection through the windshield, but I couldn't resist showing that I finally caught a deer by one of the deer signs.

Slowed to a stop. No one behind me. Waited. Deer looked at me. Grabbed camera, took a couple shots. Deer looked at me. Was about to start moving forward, when the deer decided that was the time to run in front of my car to cross the road. Because that's what they do.

MDOT has tried again this year to run a "Don't Swerve" campaign, but it's hard to fight reflex when something big comes into your peripheral vision fast. Good luck on making that split decision to "just hit" whatever it is. If you see one ahead of you on the side of the road though, start slowing down and hope they turn back the other way...