Friday, November 14, 2014

Stamping the Ore


The remains of the Ahmeek Mill in Tamarack City, Michigan. That is a Nordberg Compound Steam Stamp, one of eight at the mill that processed 7,000 tons of ore a day. One other exists in Colorado, the rest were sold for scrap.

Lots of noise out there today. My computer doesn't want me to process it (like that stamp, ha) because Flash keeps crashing Chrome. So, off to try and fix that. In the meantime, the following is all you need to know...

*This. Just, this.

Warren said that she and Reid began discussing the position in the last week or so, and that she wanted the position so that she could be in the weekly leadership meetings where decisions on the agenda are made. "This is a seat at the table. ... I plan to use it to make sure that people around this country have a real hearing," she said. "I want a chance to be at the table when the Democratic leadership is making decisions. It gives me a better chance to fight for what I believe in."

Ladies and gentlemen, the concerns of regular people finally have a seat at the Gilded Senate table. I believe you're going to like what you see. One thing is for sure, the media will be on her as much as they are on Reid - and I think he knows to let her take the lead on articulating policy to the masses.