Thursday, October 19, 2006

Democrats rally in Grand Rapids

David LaGrand, SD29 candidate, checked in at Michigan Liberal today- here is his post and some pictures from the rally on Cherry Street.

Hi all. David LaGrand checking in. Things are going great on the campaign trail, other than my growing frustration at not being able to be in two or three or ten places at the same time. That, and what Matt has pointed out so well- the issues in my race are not really getting the attention we would like from Bill Hardiman or the traditional media. I'll go anywhere, any time to talk about our hopes and ideas for the future, but as far as I can see the Republicans only have one tool in their tool box- tax cuts.

So that you all know, Bill Hardiman has now cancelled on two debates in a row with me, which means I've been debating an empty chair. I too had seen the Hardiman-Bush team shots that you've posted. Around town what I see are a few billboards that don't mention his party affiliation, and some lit with shots of him and Jennifer Granholm. When an incumbent Republican is going out of his way to give people the vauge sense that he's a Democrat it's hard to escape hope that the times may be a- changin'.

As I write this I have a flock of people out walking, who I have to join, before I go to a rally with the Governor, before I go back to walking until dark. If we're going to win this one, we're going to win it on the ground and on the blogs, not on Fox TV. Peace, David.

David is a very nice guy- I've talked to him a few times now and he seems very genuine and down to earth. I feel like he would be a great legislator, sure would beat Haridman- get out and vote for him, GR!

Left to right: Granholm, David LaGrand and Michael Sak.

LaGrand and Sak before the Governor arrived.

My Governor rocks. :-) Send her some money so she can fight the big meanies.