Monday, October 09, 2006

DeVos: Game Over

New ad from the Granholm campaign- and they have a bunch of facts to support it, of course. One interesting point-

FACT: A November 2005 report to Congress of the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission said, “The U.S. government does not collect comprehensive data on how offshore movement of U.S. production through overseas investment and outsourcing affects U.S. employment. The Commission funded two studies that utilized differing methodologies to assess such unemployment effects. One estimated that U.S. production shifts to China in 2004 alone resulted in a loss of 100,000 U.S. jobs. The other found that nearly $1.5 million U.S. job opportunities have been displaced over the period 1989-2003 due to U.S.-China trade deficits.” (, 2005 Annual Report)

Why doesn't the US government "collect comprehensive data" on this? Sure would like to know at least a ballpark (ha ha) figure on all outsourcing, not just China.