Friday, March 23, 2007

Cheers for the Senate Democrats

... who stood up in protest of the Republican rush job last night.

Go read some of the statements here. Really good stuff.

I'm going to highlight Mark Schauer-

So this is how the Republican-controlled Senate makes public policy? I think it's interesting. A bill, a shell bill, is introduced a month ago. A secret plan that, for good reason, the Republican Party, or the Republican majority, doesn't want to reveal, is kept secret, and a bill was discharged to the floor, a negative supplemental budget bill that makes devastating cuts to people, communities, our state, and jeopardizes our future as put forward.

So just like your Republican cuts to our schools, this set of Republican cuts from the infamous secret plan are, thank goodness, dead on arrival. No wonder this plan was secret for so long. And no wonder the Republican majority limited debate. And no wonder the Republican majority, most of them, left the floor to spin the press about what they've done here today. No wonder.

Thank goodness the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives and our Democratic Governor will kill these cuts--cuts that hurt our people, sacrifice our communities, and jeopardize our future. Let's be clear, colleagues and public, we have enacted cuts here today--$340 million worth of cuts. Certainly, we have a long way to go. Republicans today have chosen a strategy of a race to the bottom, rather than of investing our people, healthy vibrant communities, and a strong, diversified economy.

These cuts are DOA, a waste of time, but it is great to get the difference in philosophy out in the open.

Republicans would hurt children, seniors, sick people, cities and communities across Michigan that would have to cut public safety services and quality of life- all of which would cost us more money in the long run, maybe even get a few people killed in the process. And yes, one Senator came right out and said that.

Back to Schauer, who spells it out very eloquently-

The difference between Republicans and Democrats is that Democrats support a comprehensive solution of cuts, real reforms--which you have offered none of here today--and revenues that allow us to invest in our people, invest in our communities, and invest in Michigan's future. You have done a disservice to the people of each of your districts. You have done a disservice to your state. I am proud of the Democratic Caucus here today in voting "no." I hope that you will be serious about real solutions that move Michigan forward. This is a disinvestment in our state. You have chosen to go backwards, rather than forward. I am proud that Democrats today rejected your $255 million of cuts that will weaken Michigan.

The other reason I am proud to vote "no" is that you think we work in this little bubble here in the Capitol. Wall Street is watching. The rating agencies are watching. These are reckless, dangerous cuts and you have passed them. The Democrats have not. Thank goodness, they are dead on arrival.

Now we need him to run across the hall and tell the House Democrats to stand up for us, too.

The lines have been drawn, time to show the public where they are.