Thursday, June 28, 2007

It's all about the Legislature

Not you. Them.

Today's Bonehead Statement award goes to Michael Sak. Watch him play right into the GOP's hand.

State Rep. Michael Sak, D-Grand Rapids, said he "respectfully disagrees" with Granholm.

"With all due respect to the governor, the Legislature is a separate branch of government," he said, adding there is enough time to complete the next fiscal year budget before it begins Sept. 30.

With all due respect to Mr. Sak, this isn't about the governor, although Mike Bishop and the Republicans sure would like it be. That is why he went screaming to the media once again about that big bully in the governor's office.

It is a diversion. And you all fall for it. Again.

With this statement, Mr. Sak, you have just reinforced and rewarded what Bishop does every. single. time. you guys want to dodge your responsibility to the people of this state.

This, Mr. Sak, is about your constituents. This is about your schools. Your cities. All these people you have left hanging, all these lives in the balance, waiting for you to do your job.

You think that it is OK to drag this out until Sept. 30th? Really?

That is quite amazing.

"Just because you're not in session doesn't mean you're not working," he said. "We are ongoing. We are continuing to work."

Another Republican talking point.

OK, Mike. Tell you what. When you get back, why don't you provide us a list of all the things you have accomplished on your vacation then. Let's see the details of what "work" you got done. Sound good?

Didn't think so.

A cheer for Robert Dean.

But State Rep. Robert Dean, a freshman Democrat from Grand Rapids, agrees with Granholm.

"It should have been done. There have been some agreements made and there have been some agreements broken," he said. "Until those guys get together on the top, we can't vote on it."

Dean is ready to vote. Has been for awhile. Waiting on the Democratic leadership of the House, which, by the way, Sak is a part of.

That should explain everything.

And here's Bill Hardiman, also missing the point of what this is all about. He, too, turns it on the governor, and ignores the people.

Remember, it's all about them. Not you.

"Of course, we want to get the budget done and that means all of us working together, and her taking unwarranted shots at the Legislature doesn't help that," state Sen. Bill Hardiman, R-Kentwood, said this morning.

All of us working together?

Is that when the Republicans change the rules of the Senate and have the audacity and arrogance to come right out and admit that it was only to benefit them?

Matt Marsden, spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop, R-Rochester, said the rule change is in the GOP's best interest.

"When you're in the majority, you have a right to change the rules," Marsden said.

Right out of the George Bush playbook. If you don't like they way the game is played, you just use your power to change the rules.

That is the Republican definition of "working together".

You would think the Democrats would have learned this lesson by now. You would also think that the media would point these things out, but they, too, fail to see the point and get caught up in the drama.

And that, my friends, is why we are where we are today.

Nationwide, statewide, it doesn't matter.

I'm with Albin. (God help me) Go on vacation then. Please. Just go.

Maybe you need some time to remember just exactly who it is you are working for.

Because at this point, it sure as hell isn't the people of the state of Michigan.