Saturday, August 04, 2007

Detroit News Weblog Post on Bishop

Libby Spencer has posted at the Detroit News blog about Senator Bishop's actions.

Good to see this hitting the MSM in any form- but I disagree with Libby on one thing-

Bishop who is dancing faster than the hapless drunk in an old western trying to justify his boneheaded move, is surprised by the reaction. Maybe he should bone up on his constitutional knowledge. If he wants to ban blogs in the hallowed chambers of Lansing on account of work productivity, fine. But then he has to block all of them -- or none. In America, freedom of speech means everyone gets to talk. Not just the people who agree with him.

I don't think Mike should be allowed to block anything in the "hallowed chambers of Lansing" by fiat like that- and I would say so at the DN, but I have never been able to figure out their very strange comment system there.

So, Libby , if you're reading this- thanks for your thoughts on this matter. Nothing better than to see BFM appear at the Detroit News.

Nolan? Your thoughts next?