Thursday, August 16, 2007

Senate Republican SOD for 8/16 - Why does Mike Bishop hate jobs?

This might be a new record. With 23 words, Mike Bishop manages to trivialize the entire state.

From MIRS, your Senate Republican SOD for 8/16-

"It doesn't make sense for her to go out and recruit jobs when there isn't an environment here for making a sizable investment," Bishop said.

So, not only does Mike trash the idea of creating jobs, he trashes the whole state in the eyes of investors. Thanks, Mike. You are quite the ambassador for our citizens and our business climate. 

We can always count on the Republicans to denigrate Michigan.

And, get this, if the Governor didn't "say bad things" about the Legislature, everything would be just fine! 

But then he followed up with a (from his perspective) positive spin on Granholm's upcoming trip, suggesting Granholm's overseas mission might be helpful to the budget discussions because she wouldn't be around making derisive comments about the Legislature.

Yes, that big, mean Governor is picking on them as they turn in one of the worst performances in history. The heart just aches, doesn't it? Poor legislators.

Bishop hides behind Dillon over the flip...
Mike continues to cling to Andy, trying to make it seem as if paying the bills is all her idea, and that he and Dillon are working something out so they can once again avoid making the tough decisions. Just like the fix for 2007, they will push this to the wire as they try to save their own hides.

Watch him try to split the party. 

He also said he fears Granholm may have created a situation where the Democrats won't be able to go along whatever Bishop and Dillon manage to hash out.

Your future, in the hands of Mike Bishop and Andy Dillon. Aren't you glad you elected them governor?

Questions now are: Will Andy sell us out to his buddy Mike? Will the House Democrats hide behind whatever underhanded, quick fix solution these two come up with? Will we have to do this dance all over again next year because they refuse to do their jobs and get this state on solid financial footing?

Bishop is out there trying to make it seem that everyone is on the side of the slash and burn Republicans.

Will the Democrats ever stand up to this rhetoric? 

Stay tuned...