Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Eastown Building Go Boom

Eastown Building

Here is a picture of the building that blew up in a gas leak explosion today. This was taken during the Street Fair last fall.

Seven people were injured when a building exploded in Eastown after DTE responded to a call about a gas leak.

Those seven people were taken to nearby hospitals, but the injuries are described as minor.

The building at 1502 Wealthy, near Szechuan Gardens, houses separate businesses: Kobos & Sense, Neil Patrick Hair Salon, a massage therapy business, a t-shirt business called Picture This, and the Pepper Moon Art Gallery.

A Grand Rapids Fire Department official told 24 Hour News 8 a DTE representative was working in the building around 2:30 p.m. "Things progressed," he said, "and he knew it was not good."

Some surrounding buildings were evacuated, and hundreds of neighborhood residents were warned to stay away. The owner of the Pita Shop, across the street from the explosion, said the scene "literally looked like hell."

This is right across the street from Yesterdog.

All gone now. Bummer.

I'd go get pics, but they are keeping people away at this point (6 PM), as they are still looking for the source of the leak. So, maybe tomorrow.