Saturday, February 09, 2008

Nominate Mark Schauer for Feingold's Progressive Patriots Fund

Russ Feingold is on the hunt for progressive candidates to support in this election year.

In 2006, with your help, we contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to dozens of candidates in 40 different states, playing a major role in helping to elect Democratic majorities in Congress.

We have even more ambitious plans for 2008. Of course our number one goal must be electing a Democrat to the White House this year. But we must not forget the importance of supporting strong progressive candidates for the House, the Senate and other elective offices around the country.

To help make this happen, we will soon be launching another round of our successful "Pick a Progressive Patriot" events, where you vote and decide which candidates we should financially support. But first we want to hear from you about who you feel should be a part of our efforts.

Go put in a pitch for Mark. If you need some suggestions on what to say, my favorite Schauer moment of last year was when he held this press conference that called out the Do-Nothing Senate Republicans. Charts and graphs and cormorants and everything. You can't beat that.

Pretty sure that this press conference is what led to my second favorite Schauer moment, the one where he stood up to Mike Bishop's censorship of this blog. (because I believe that Bishop's office was attacking Schauer and the Senate Dems more than they were us at the time; we were just a convenient excuse to get him back for that press conference. That's my theory, anyway) Check this letter for the "official" details.

Schauer went to the wall for this "aggrieved online community"; I will return the favor for him. This is the kind of guy you want in Congress- one who will stand up for the citizens of this state in more ways than one.

Go suggest Mark Schauer as our "Progressive Patriot" today.