Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Drolet quits on Dean recall

My legiscritter is safe from the PigMan.

A group that hoped to recall state Rep. Robert Dean for his support of a state tax increase is calling it quits.

Jeff Steinport, spokesman for Taxpayers to Recall Robert Dean, said today the group is no longer collecting the 8,714 signatures needed to force a recall election.

"Unfortunately, we've had to suspend the campaign," Steinport said. "It was too difficult in the winter. We didn't have enough time to collect the signatures we needed."

Or, perhaps, no one who actually elected Dean agrees with you, and you had to call in the out-of-state crazies who follow tax issues like people used to follow the Dead just to say you had "support".

Steinport's group was stymied by a state law that bars non-residents of a legislator's district from collecting signatures. Despite strong support from out-of-state and out-of-district groups, the residency requirement limited the number of persons who could ask for signatures.

Must be all the "help wanted" flyers they hung in the local stores went unanswered. So much for all those outraged taxpayers. In a time when it's tough to find a job - Drolet couldn't even pay people to do his bidding here.