Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Animal Farm

"The creatures outside looked from blog to television, and from television to blog, and from blog to television again; but already it was impossible to say which was which." - with apologies to George Orwell

The only other political blog I read anymore is Kos, and I can barely stand that. Man, it's bad. Just can't see the wisdom in dissing half the fricking party, and die-hard Obama/Clinton supporters that just post to spit on other Democrats really turn me off to both candidates. Couple that with these shrill, nonsensical claims that are reminiscent of the National Enquirer, and you have a recipe for the devolution of the blogs as a medium for "reality based" information.

Maybe I'm just burned-out right now and it will come back to me, but I'm having a helluva time writing anything, or even caring what happens at this point. Who wants to be around a bunch of nasty assholes? And, do they think that by bullying others they win anyone over to their point of view? Shit, when people pull that arrogant crap on me, I'll do the opposite just to piss them off. I guarantee I'm not alone on that.

Everyone reassures me that this will all come together and end in unity - I hope they are right, because right now I'm struggling with this big time. I don't ever expect everyone to agree all the time, of course, but the lack of respect for other viewpoints within the party is very disturbing, and I start to wonder if my life and time and energy would be better off applied in some other capacity.


I just don't know.

Wish us all luck - our future is at stake here. Again.

Save that ammo for the Bush Republicans. When the attacks start coming, we are going to need it.