Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Deal Reached on State Budget for '09

Must be the Republicans really didn't have a problem with those "revenue enhancements" after all. Sure is easy to spend that money, isn't it, Mike. It will make it hard for anyone campaigning to complain about taxes though, correct? Republicans wouldn't want to be hypocritical or anything.

Top lawmakers and Gov. Jennifer Granholm say they have tentatively agreed on how much to spend on state government next budget year.

The state would spend about $44 billion under the deal reached Wednesday, 1.8 percent more than this year. That's about $400 million less than what Granholm proposed in February.

Makes this next statement from Bishop rather confusing-

"There really weren't any sticking points. We had the momentum going forward," said Senate Majority Leader Mike BISHOP (R- Rochester). "We knew where we were going to get in and cut."

Bishop added that in the future state government needs to take a more serious look at structural reforms to cut costs.

OK, Mike. As soon as you termed out, we will be able to get more stuff done. Guarantee it.