Wednesday, July 02, 2008

RNC Ads on Obama Start Sunday

Oh goody. Michigan is one of four lucky states that will see an Obama/McCain "contrast" ad from an independent arm of the Republican National Committee starting Sunday.

The ad will run in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin beginning Sunday. The ad represents the first of the RNC's independent expenditure operation.

The effort will be run by Republican media consultant Brad Todd of On Message Inc., a media and polling firm that worked on Mitt Romney's presidential campaign. Todd said the ad will focus on energy, "which is emerging as a defining difference in the race for president."

By setting up a separate organization within the RNC, the national party can spend unlimited resources on behalf of McCain as long as it does not coordinate with the candidate's campaign.

You might remember On Message Inc. from such hits as "Dick DeVos Runs For Governor" in 2006. On Message is so proud of those attack ads they are still featured on its website.

We believe in emotional positive advertising that recognizes the nuances of local culture. That’s how we built enduring political brands from the Deep South to the Rockies and beyond.

Given the four states targeted, expect "contrast" with a Midwestern flavor.

Brad Todd partnered with the infamous Alex Castellanos (think "RATS") at one point; Castellanos worked on the DeVos campaign as well as Romney's - and aren't we all one big, happy Republican attack ad family now. Get ready to give the "mute" button a workout.