Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Silly Season Officially Kicks Off in Michigan

And here you thought that campaigns were well underway. Nope. It's not the "official" start of Silly Season until someone is caught ripping down someone else's campaign signs.

Annnnnnd we're off!

A candidate in a district court judge race is accusing an opponent -- the incumbent judge -- of stealing his campaign signs.

Joseph G. Fabrizio said one of his supporters took photos of Clarkston District Judge Dana Fortinberry snatching Fabrizio's orange-and-black campaign signs from along Citation Drive, about a block from the 52-2 District Court building.

"I was stunned, I was shocked," said Fabrizio, after viewing the photos. "But here she is at 8:50 (a.m.) yanking up signs and tossing them into the weeds. She had more than 64 cases listed on her 8:30 call but instead of being on the bench, she's removing signs."

Fortinberry on Tuesday didn't deny yanking the signs.

"This is a setup. I'm the only (judicial candidate) who had permission to have signs there," she said. "I had permission (from the property owner) to take any of the others down."

Larry Barnett, the property owner, was unavailable for comment Tuesday.

Has Silly Season started in your area? In addition to the Stealing of the Yard Signs, other ways to tell that Silly Season is officially here is the Spray Painting on Campaign Offices, the Removal of the Bumper Sticker from your car, and the local Professional Homophobes of America Crank Calls to your home to inform you that so-and-so associates with "teh gay" and doesn't deserve your vote.

Have a pleasant and safe Silly Season everyone. Keep one eye on your yard and your car just in case.