Saturday, September 20, 2008


Post season, here we come...

The Cubs embarked on their long journey to October with a surprising proclamation from pitcher Ryan Dempster on the opening day of spring training.

"I think we're going to win the World Series," Dempster said matter-of-factly on the sidewalk in front of their training complex.

It was an audacious statement considering the Cubs had been swept in the opening round of the 2007 postseason and hadn't won a World Series in exactly 100 years. Dempster earned the nickname "Madame Cleo" from his teammates for his bold prediction after putting the onus on the team to shut up and get the job done.

Seven months later, the Cubs completed the first step of attaining their championship dreams, clinching the National League Central Division title on Saturday with a win over St. Louis on a picture-perfect afternoon at Wrigley Field.

Go Cubs Go!