Monday, September 01, 2008

Norquist Slams Governor, Detroit at RNC Breakfast

To be expected, of course. Grover slammed the governor for the tax increase last year, and the Republicans proceeded to make a joke out of the city of Detroit.

Norquist was slamming Gov. Jennifer Granholm for the tax increase passed last year during the state's budget crisis, and claimed Granholm had done more damage to Michigan than anyone since William Hull, who surrendered to British forces in what is now Michigan during the War of 1812.

"Of course, he surrendered Detroit to the British," Norquist said to laughter and applause that drowned out the rest of his comment. But one can assume he was suggesting that surrendering the city wouldn't be all that bad an idea.

Well, that's a real nice sentiment, and a great way to win over the voters. Republicans still plan on playing the politics of division, obviously, ha ha ha. Now ask yourself why nothing gets done in Lansing.

Oh, and by the way, did anyone bother to tell Grover that the tax increase couldn't have been passed without the consent of Republican Senate? And that the Republican House members wouldn't vote for the cuts that would have been required had it not passed? Or that they gladly spent all that money after the Democrats had the courage to acquire it?

Any Republicans want to be honest for a change?

Not Mike Bishop. But what else is new.

State Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop of Rochester Hills bought Grover Norquist's new book, "Leave Us Alone," as a gift for Gov. Jennifer Granholm. Norquist is the influential president of Americans for Tax Reform who is pushing states to post their spending on the Web.

Bishop spoke to a breakfast gathering Monday for Michigan Republican delegates following a red meat speech by the gloves-off, anti-tax Norquist.

Bishop said Norquist wrote a note to Granholm in the book that he plans to deliver to her personally.

How sweet. Let's put it out in the recycle bin, right along with Mike's integrity. That way, both might be useful to someone down the road someday.