Friday, October 17, 2008

League of Conservation Voters 2008 Michigan Scorecard

Who has been naughty and who has been nice when it comes to the environment and clean green energy. Also shows you how Vern gets away with being Vern.

Complete LCV 2008 scorecard can be found here.

Michigan Delegation 2008 Scores:

Sen. Stabenow – 100
Sen. Levin - 100
Rep. Stupak - 92
Rep. Hoekstra - 0
Rep. Ehlers - 69
Rep. Camp - 0
Rep. Kildee - 92
Rep. Upton - 54
Rep. Walberg - 0
Rep. Rogers, Michael J. - 15
Rep. Knollenberg - 31
Rep. Miller, C. - 31
Rep. McCotter - 15
Rep. Levin, S. - 92
Rep. Kilpatrick - 92
Rep. Conyers - 85
Rep. Dingell - 100

You should know by now that environment and green energy are paramount to this state and this country's future - with this scorecard you can tell who has voted for progress in clean energy independence, and who would keep us in the era of Big Oil and reliance on fossil fuels.

Michigan’s delegation was split between those who favored continued dependence on oil and other dirty fossil fuels and those who favored renewable energy and energy efficiency. Senator Levin, Senator Stabenow, and Representative Dingell earned perfect scores of 100 percent in 2008, consistently standing up to Big Oil and voting for renewable energy and energy efficiency. At the other end of the spectrum, many representatives scored below 50 percent, with Representatives Hoekstra, Camp, and Walberg receiving an outright zero. The average Michigan Senate score was 100 percent, and the average Michigan House score was 51 percent For the full list of scores, see the bottom of this release.

"We applaud Senators Levin and Stabenow and Congressman Dingell for their leadership in recognizing the need to make investments in clean energy technologies and at the same time protect Michigan's majestic natural heritage and our fragile manufacturing sector," said Lisa Wozniak, Executive Director for the Michigan League of Conservation Voters. "We are disappointed that not all members followed suit, including Representatives Hoekstra, Camp, Walberg, Rogers, Knollenberg, Miller and McCotter - but, instead failed the citizens of this great state by giving into Big Oil and big polluters."

Time to throw the dinosaurs out. Do it for the kids.