Monday, October 27, 2008

This Would Be Interesting... Or, Not...

I did not know this. Should Obama be elected, and should he offer Granholm a position, and should she accept it, all a bunch of "shoulds" and wild speculation and rumors of rumors at this point that are mostly fueled by that Freudian slip we call Tim Skubick, guess what happens. Yes, Cherry would become governor...

Democratic state Rep. Steve Bieda of Warren says Monday he is introducing the proposals in the Legislature.

The lieutenant governor still would succeed a governor who leaves office in the middle of a term.

The new lieutenant governor would be nominated by the new governor under Bieda's plan. Both the House and Senate would have to approve the appointment by a majority vote.

Silly me, didn't even consider a new lieutenant, but I just assumed Cherry would pick one. I was wrong about that.

Mike Bishop gets to pick one.

Bieda says current law calls for the Senate to pick a new lieutenant governor from the same political party as the governor.

Oh, dear God, no.

My Michigan law lesson of the day is a cruel one indeed. Although for some reason I can't stop laughing...