Thursday, November 20, 2008

Archer Not Running For Governor in 2010

Another bombshell. I really need to stop listening to media speculation, because I thought for sure that Dennis was in the running.

Dennis Archer, the city's former mayor and a former state Supreme Court justice, ended speculation this morning and announced he will not run for governor.

Speaking at a press conference, Archer said a campaign would involve giving up too much of what he loves -- family and law.

"There will be a need for shared pain and shared sacrifice," he said.

That puts Cherry in the catbird seat for now.

2010 is a long way off. I have no desire to play "endless campaign season", and hope we keep our attention on solving Michigan's current problems rather than always looking at who is running in the next cycle.

Yeah, I'm dreaming, I know, because I do it too. But still...