Sunday, November 02, 2008

Jackson Citizen-Patriot Endorses Mark Schauer

All other issues aside about the Cit-Pat - they came out and made the right choice in their endorsement today.

Ideology may well shape many voters' decisions in this high-decibel race, but we offer our endorsement using another standard: Who can better serve this district in Washington? In that respect, Mark Schauer is the better choice.

We do not suggest that voters choose the person they believe can bring home the pork. Whoever is elected goes to a Capitol that needs a fresh start, to cut back on gluttonous Bridges to Nowhere and pet projects that benefit nothing but politicians' chances of re-election.

Even so, this congressional district — and every district — deserves an advocate. It needs someone who can identify priorities and fight to see they are met.

The Jackson area needs money to modernize I-94. Michigan's automakers (and, by extension, their local suppliers) need federal assistance. Economic development projects involving government contracts or regulations need attention from a local lawmaker.

Walberg's record in this regard has been spotty. Schauer's has been exceptional.

Bingo. Tim Walberg says "no" to everything and serves an ideology only, Mark Schauer will fight to bring those jobs and investment to Michigan - and that is what this really boils down to, isn't it?