Thursday, November 20, 2008


Janet Napolitano

... is reportedly being tapped to lead Homeland Security. Here's Janet in Denver. I always thought she seemed pretty cool - although I was kind of hoping she would take on McCain in 2010 for Senate.

I wish I could have stayed at this vantage point for the two nights I was at the Pepsi Center. This was taken from the aisle way that separated the floor seating from the bowl. I was waiting for my governor to lead her town hall segment on energy, having gotten permission to enter the center aisle and get closer to the stage when she came on. Until then, I (and a bunch of other photogs) jockeyed for position in that row, fighting to stand in one place in the massive crush of people trying to move around. In hindsight, I think the Pepsi Center was actually too small for the number of folks and media that they tried to get in there; by designating the whole arena as "floor", you had a number in the bowl area seating that came down to the actual floor, and that made for an almost paralyzing congestion.

Anyway, at first, they let us stay. Then, they came and kicked us out, and you should have heard the arguments that some of those guys put up when it came to leaving. I'm pretty good at crowd-surfing, having spent so much time on the floor of Wings Stadium for general admission rock concerts, so I could move in and out fairly well. I did get some good shots from here - Napolitano, Leahy, Hoyer, Boxer, and eventually the Governor, but after that it was back to the Michigan seats to wait on Hillary.

I'm revisiting the pictures from Denver from time to time. It helps to put some distance from the event, and then go back and look at them with fresh eyes, so I will probably add more to the collections in the future as I find new things to publish.

All I know is - I wish I would have taken more. :-)