Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

End of an Error

A round-up of state editorials on the New Year.

  • The Freep describes what it feels like when you finally "hit bottom".

    Somehow, all this adversity has to become opportunity. And that is entirely possible. Why? Because more and more people in Michigan have stopped looking in the rearview mirror and started figuring out the road ahead. It has taken awhile -- and a lot of pain -- but we understand now that what was will not be again, and our focus is finally shifting to what's next.

    Their prescription for the state sounds vaguely familiar... where have you heard all this before... wait, it will come to you...

    That can be Michigan. Maybe not in 2009, but 2010 is not out of the question if we lay the groundwork this year.


    By applying our vaunted work ethic to improving and expanding education at the child and adult levels so we have a population smart enough for the jobs of tomorrow.

    By leveraging our health care institutions and world-class university system to make Michigan a center for treatment, cures, research and progress on the amazing frontiers of science and medicine.

    By fostering the small businesses that are actually creating jobs and attracting the young, college-educated people that Michigan desperately needs to retain.

    By using our natural resources and brainpower to truly become a center for the one thing, guaranteed, the world will need in the 21st Century -- energy from sources other than oil.

    If you answered Michigan Promise Scholarship, the Kalamazoo Promise and subsequent legislation that will create more "promise zones" throughout the state, No Worker Left Behind, 21st Century Jobs Fund, Centers of Energy Excellence, MEDC recruitment and MEGA credits, the RPS, the passage of the stem-cell ballot proposal, and many other examples of how we are already doing all of the above... congratulations, you have been paying attention.

  • The DNews can be summed up with the same old story, same old song and dance, my friends.

    Cut taxes! Cut government! Fix the roads! Gee, and here we thought that maybe they learned something from last year. Or the year before that. Or the year before that. Guess not.

  • The Bay City Times echoes the Freep on alternative energy and education. They "get it".

    The trend for Michigan's future has become obvious. In almost every respect, it involves energy.

    Very nice editorial. Grit, determination and common sense.

  • The Grand Rapids Press does the usual "sit on the fence" balancing act that they are famous for. A little bit of Pub, a little bit of Dem, and somehow you get the idea they are leading up to endorsing Hoekstra before he even announces. See? We are reasonable and moderate and stuff!

  • The Lansing State Journal hammers on prison costs with some facts and figures to back up their claims. They are right.

  • The Battle Creek Enquirer is still in shell-shock from 2008. Take a breather, guys, we'll get back to you.

  • The Flint Journal looks at both the good and the bad, and throws in some pertinent cliches to help it all along.

  • The Jackson Cit-Pat has 12 feel-good suggestion for '09 one for every month. They need to remind us when the time comes because we will forget.

  • Peter Luke also focuses on alternative energy and education, pointing to specific legislation that will put Michigan at the forefront of the new economy, if we take advantage of what we have put in place, spend that investment money wisely, and keep working towards our goals.

    Michigan has always played a pivotal role in the events that changed the course of the nation. Every once in a while, particularly now, it's important to remember that.

    Don't you love columnists that take some pride in our state, and provide examples of why they do so? That is why Peter kicks the rest of the Lansing's "chattering class" in the butt everytime he puts fingers to the keyboard.

  • Jack Lessenberry, our other editorial saving grace, looks forward, talking about the upcoming Detroit mayoral battles, the auto industry, unions and the media. And he provides us with a funny to start:

    Q: Mommy, will there ever be a black president?

    A: Not till the day General Motors goes broke, honey.

    — What my mommy might have told me, c. 1958

    19 more days of Bush. Let's hit the ground running.

    Happy New Year everyone!