Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Pure Michigan Ads Kick Off National Tourism Campaign

Awesome. Four new ads are out and up on YouTube today, and they are scheduled to start running on 15 cable TV channels on March 30th. "Lost and Found" has a great sentiment - the more than 100 lighthouses of Michigan cutting through the fog of everyday life and "beckoning us back to what's real and true".

The others are great as well. Check 'em out:

Pure Michigan - "Treasure"
Pure Michigan - "Dancing in the Streets"
Pure Michigan - "14 Clubs"

While tourism is still projected to be down nationwide because of the economy, this is a great way to set us as a destination over other states for the travel $$ that will still occur, and subliminally, it helps attract businesses as well. Great quality of life on display. Now if we could just get our Republicans to stop bad-mouthing our state in the media, an ad campaign like this just might bring lots of tourists and investment. With gas prices down this year, travel might draw more people than we think.

Pure Michigan's YouTube channel has 55 total videos up now (some are radio spots) - give it a look sometime. It's good stuff.