Sunday, March 22, 2009

No Moderates Allowed

I, for one, would like to applaud the Republicans for their party purity in thought and deed. Their ability to enforce the notion that far-right "conservatives" will be the only people accepted as candidates for office is admirable, and it's one the I whole-heartedly encourage. Keep up the good work, people!

While most of us are still trying to figure out who he is, Rick Snyder's foray into the 2010 governor's sweepstakes has already generated quite a stir.

Snyder, an Ann Arbor venture capitalist who served as interim CEO of Gateway Computers, announced Thursday that he would explore a run for governor as a Republican.

Despite some GOP credentials -- donations of $15,000 to the Michigan Republican Party -- Snyder was marginalized quickly by Right Michigan blogger Nick DeLeeuw, who called him a moderate and wrote, "'Moderate' almost certainly means pro-abortion."

Actually, the whole quote, courtesy of MIRS, was more poetic than that. Apparently this went out in an e-mail to Republican supporters.

"'Moderate,' fair readers, is code for one thing and one thing only when it's followed by the word 'Republican'. . . weak knees on the life issue and unequivocal support for abortion-on-demand."

Message received, loud and clear. If you aren't extreme right wing on this issue, you are weak and unequivocally support the evildoers, and we can't have that, can we? Call in damage control, and make Mr. Synder tow the official MI Republican line. Quick.

John Yob, a West Michigan adviser to Snyder, dismissed DeLeeuw's claims.

"Rick is, of course, pro-life, so that pretty much decimates his (DeLeeuw's) argument."

In fact, Yob moved quickly to counter that storyline. He arranged for Jerry Zandstra, a conservative Kent County minister and president of the Pro-Life Federation of Michigan, to conduct an on-line interview with Snyder.

Zandstra naturally asked Snyder about abortion.

Snyder's answer: "I am a pro-life, pro-family Republican. It is unfortunate there isn't consensus on this issue, but I understand the strong emotional argument on both sides. What there must be consensus on however is a commitment on the quality of life we offer Michigan children and to future generations: A great education; good and plentiful jobs; safe and vibrant communities; and a clean environment."

Uh oh. He forgot to mention "tax cuts, gay marriage and illegal immigrants". Looks like Rick Synder needs just a little more work, but don't worry - the party leaders will have him shaped up in no time.

Or, they will make sure he doesn't have a chance, for there is obviously no room for moderation in today's Michigan Republican Party.