Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cubs vs Tigers and Other Random Thoughts

  • Sure wish I could be at the Tigers vs Cubs game(s) in Detroit. Either way, I win! (but my heart still pulls for the Cubs more)

  • Do iPhones help prevent the spread of illness?

    Touch screen phones would require clean hands, unless you want to constantly wipe them on your shirt. I have trouble keeping the BBerry with a keyboard clean; I can't imagine putting my grubby little fingers on a screen all the time to use the device.

    It follows that iPhone users probably wash their hands more to keep their phones clean, yes? And with that, waa laa, less spread of illness. Watch and see. Bet someone studies it.

  • How come no one ever worried about how we would pay for Bush's tax cuts? Those ran up the deficit, as did his war of choice, and I don't recall that being a big problem for the media or the public...

  • Facebook has all the charm of hanging out with a bunch of high school cliques at the local McDonalds. Not much orginality, all sorts of sheeple behavior. Good for mass communication? Yes it is. But as for honesty and artistry, not so much. Maybe I'm missing something there, but after looking and looking again, I can't see it. Besides, it kills local blogs, much like Walmart kills local businesses. Not that I plan to stay in community blogging forever, but I want them to succeed.

    So, if I don't answer your "friend" request, don't take it personal. Just have other things I would rather do.

  • If you're not following Ann Curry on Twitter - you should. She's da bomb.