Saturday, August 08, 2009

The Tea Party Quote That May Haunt Pete Hoekstra and the Michigan GOP

You said it, Twitter Pete.

"I think that most politicians right now don't understand how much fear and anger is out there in the electorate," Hoekstra said. "I think they are tapping into a mood and that's only going to get bigger."

How prophetic of Congressman Hoekstra. That was from mid-June, when the fringe elements of the far right wing gathered to hold a tea party convention in Lansing. Michigan Republicans have applauded and embraced the teabaggers, speaking at their events, and encouraging their growth throughout this past year.

Now we have video of these very same people screaming with anger at Congressman Dingell, reports of a town hall that was shut down in Arizona, a near-riot at an event in Florida, a Democratic Congressman who had his life threatened and another who was hung in effigy, and even a comment on this very blog that we should be prepared for the "2nd American Revolution", which is the kind of veiled threat of extreme violence that this crowd now is reaching for in their attempts to intimidate and harass people.

Looks like the Republican Party and their special interest groups have fueled a fire that now threatens to grow out of their control.

Time to ask all those Michigan Republican "leaders" like Pete Hoekstra and Mike Cox just what they think of this movement now - or will it take someone getting seriously hurt before they distance themselves from their previous support?