Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bishop Brags About Budget Deal, Senate Democrats Shoot it Down

Let's start with Mike Bishop, bragging to the press that he got what he wanted, and a signature on it too!

"This afternoon we have come to a bi-partisan, bicameral agreement which establishes guidelines for reaching a budget resolution. This signed agreement between legislative leaders allows the budget chairmen to move forward with making specific budget reductions to bring our fiscal house in order. I appreciate the legislative leader’s cooperation in taking this next step in delivering a balanced budget to the Governor that does not require any new tax increases."

Whoa, not so fast there, Trigger. Mike Prusi and my Fightin' Senate Democrats have something to say about that. From caucus spokesman Tom Lenard:

"Anything implying that Senator Prusi or the Senate Democrats have signed off on a cuts only approach to the budget crisis is simply not true,” said Tom Lenard, Senate Democratic Spokesman. “As we have said from day one, we must preserve education for our kids, keep our streets safe, and provide critical health care funding. Any plan that doesn't address those priorities will not be getting our support. Period."

And from Dillon, who has backed himself right into the tighest corner he possibly could, we get the "magical supplemental" once again:

Dillon hinted that he’d pursue additional funding to restore some programs that are cut under today’s deal, but would not say how the money would be raised.

Dillon, in a prepared statement, said, "We must continue to make government more efficient, and House Democrats are ready to make those tough cuts. But we cannot endanger our residents and destroy any chance of transforming Michigan into a competitive force in the 21st century economy. No business is going to come to a state that has made its communities unsafe, betrayed its promises to students pursuing the skills they need to compete, failed to educate its children and turned its back on those who lack basic medical care."


“I’ll continue fighting for the Promise grant, police and fire funding, early education and revenue sharing,” Dillon said. "If it has to be through a supplemental spending bill, then it has to be through a supplemental", he said.

Get that in writing, did you? Or you just going to take Bishop's word on it, like you did in '07?

It's going to be very interesting to see how the House gets to $1.2B and still does all the things that Dillon claims they want to do.