Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bishop: "There is No Agreement to Take Up a Supplemental"

BREAKING UPDATE: Rick Albin from WOOD reports at noon that Republicans are balking at this agreement unless they can have an omnibus vote, "up or down" on the whole thing. I assume he was talking about the House since he mentioned 56 votes. Perhaps certain House Republicans don't want to be on record as voting for these cuts? Stay tuned...

Bishop and Dillon have reportedly reached agreement on this budget deal. It's important to get this statement out as a separate diary, because the "deal" has supposedly been based on plans to take up a supplemental bill later to restore some of these cuts.

Here is what Mike Bishop said to WWJ Radio this morning:

So far, there is no agreement to take up a supplemental, because we haven't seen the supplemental yet.

Already, Bishop is laying the groundwork to say "no" to these so-called additional revenues. He also said later in the interview "there is no need for extra taxes", and that the Senate has balanced the budget with these "large" cuts.

Here's another quote from Bishop that indicates that the Senate will not move any supplemental bills later.

What the Speaker would like to do, I think, is probably offer up some proposals that he has. I'm not sure what tax increases he wants to pass, I haven't seen them. But I would expect that the House would try to pass some tax increases and move them over to the Senate. If the members of the Senate believe that any of those increases are necessary, it's our prerogative to consider them and we'll do that, but right now I can tell you that there are no votes in the Senate for tax increases.

So, if stories come out that there will be programs added back "later" - keep in mind there is no agreement in place for that, and that Bishop is already down-playing the whole idea.