Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bishop Threatens More Cuts to the Budget

All you folks that were hoping that the Governor could find some money to mitigate the severe cuts contained in the Bishop-Dillon budget? College students, city leaders, health care providers, public safety officials? Yeah, you. Listen up. Even if the Governor does find some extra money through the use of the line-item veto, Mike Bishop and his "bipartisan agreement" with Dillon will just leave that money laying on the ground - no more funds for the kids, the sick, the elderly, the local cops.

That's just the kind of guy Mike Bishop is.

“If she chooses to veto anything we’ve sent her that was part of our bipartisan agreement, it will create a hole in the budget,” Bishop said. “And we don’t have an expectation of re-funding those holes.”

Granholm indicated in her press conference that Bishop is unwilling to compromise. On anything.

Granholm said after the meeting that Bishop is unwilling to compromise on new revenues to restore the Michigan Promise scholarship program lawmakers eliminated, and to better fund revenue sharing to cities, Medicaid and aid to K-12 public schools.

K-12 is one big, flaming mess. Because of the loss of revenue since the May estimating conference, and the lack of specified funding from the Legislature, it is nowhere near done or balanced - and given Bishop's attitude, it looks like deeper cuts are coming to your local schools.

Granholm also said the Legislature voted for a school funding bill that falls at least $100 million short of its target, and that without more revenue, schools will probably see an even deeper cut than the $165 per pupil cut the bill sets. She said tax revenues for the school fund in September were less than expected.

Everyone say a big "thanks!" to Speaker Dillon and those House Democrats that went along with this and turned it into a "bipartisan" problem. Hope those ads that the Republicans use against you next year aren't too harsh... but then again, you did choose to go along with this "plan", didn't you.

Happy now?