Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Senate Repubicans Indicate That They Will Fight to Keep Promise Scholarship Eliminated From Budget

I put this as a comment on the earlier diary, but decided that this statement from Bishop warranted its own special attention. Yes, it's time to highlight that the Senate Republicans are going to fight to keep the Promise Scholarship out of the budget, they are going to fight to kick seniors out of nursing homes, and they are going to fight to pull cops off of your city streets, just to soothe Mike Bishop's ego.

The latest hissy fit commences in three... two... one...

The Republican leader of the state Senate says Governor Granholm will open herself to a constitutional challenge if she tries to use line-item vetoes to fund her budget priorities.

Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop says the governor cannot move money into her preferred programs without the approval of the Legislature. Bishop says the governor risks over-stepping her authority.

"The Legislature is here for a purpose, and that is to pass these budgets and do so in a timely and effective way," says Bishop, "We passed a balanced budget and to usurp the powers of the Legislature here is unwarranted."

Well, they weren't timely, they weren't effective, they weren't even balanced, and the governor does have the right to veto what they do. That is how the system works. Does this guy really want to be Attorney General, when he has no respect for the system or the law? Isn't this an indication of how he would abuse his power to get his own way if he had the job? He falls back on the Constitution when it serves him, and totally disregards it when it doesn't. Be warned, citizens of Michigan.

Let it be known that the Republicans are going to fight to keep these devastating cuts in the budget. 2010 is looking better every day.