Monday, February 22, 2010

Meet Dan Kildee

Filing his papers for an exploratory committee next week, for those of us who are not familiar with this gentleman - here is the "To The Point" interview with Dan Kildee, courtesy of WOOD TV8.

Sounds like he knows what he's talking about. Kildee addresses the structure of government, from state to local, and how it needs to change - particularly when talking about incentives for local governments to consolidate service. He also stresses the need to continue to fund education, and also the role in state government when it comes to helping create vibrant cities as the way to attract and keep business and citizens alike.

Oh yeah, and he nails Lansing on the "political will" statement when it comes to addressing our tax structure this year, claiming it shows a lack of leadership if they simply punt the issue to the next governor or a constitutional convention. I like him already. ;-)

Kildee will have the same problem that Bernero has, and that is name recognition - but, seeing as how Dillon is still having that problem as well (believe it or not), that area is still anyone's game. Fund raising is the biggest issue, and we will see how that plays out over the next few months.