Wednesday, July 07, 2010

When the Swift Boater Becomes the Swift Boatee...

Hahahahaha! Republicans are sooo cute when they start attacking each other...

A group started by the man whose firm helped produce the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ads that harmed Democrat John Kerry's 2004 presidential bid is now running TV ads against Michigan gubernatorial candidate Mike Cox.

The Foundation for a Secure and Prosperous America has been running radio ads against the Republican attorney general trying to tie him to a rumored-but-never-proven party at the Manoogian Mansion. Kwame Kilpatrick lived there when he was mayor.

Now it's doing the same in 30- and 60-second TV ads on Fox News that group founder Rick Reed says will run in most of Michigan.

On FOX. That is beautiful.

Here in West Michigan, we were treated to weeks on end of hearing about what a free-spending liberal Pete Hoekstra was - courtesy of the wealthy GOP operatives that are supporting Cox, knowing that he will serve their "more tax cuts for the rich" Bush economic policies for them...

In West Michigan, this year's tsunami of political advertising began in May when Cox, the state attorney general, and a group called Americans For Job Security spent much of their money on ads that attacked Hoekstra for being a big spender who supported a bailout of banks and Alaska's "Bridge to Nowhere."

Local television stations pulled the Americans for Job Security ads after Hoekstra's lawyers complained the ads were false and misleading.

Though Truscott claimed the group's ads were linked to the Cox campaign, Cox has denied any connection to the group, which does not have to report its sources of money as long as it does not recommend a vote for a specific candidate.

No, no connection whatsoever - except the Cox ads and the AJS ads said the exact same thing about poor 'ol liberal Twitter Pete. It was just a coincidence, right?

Right. And now instant GOP karma's gonna get Cox...

Time for those rich boys to hit on Synder too. He's obviously a flaming communist that needs to be taken down a peg. Better get on that, time is running out!