Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dude, Where's My Strategy?

Best ad of the season. There is a longer version out now that's even better - more angry seniors per second, and they throw in Medicare as well.

"I NEED my Medicare, Mr. Walberg." Yeah!

It's a thing of beauty because it shows people standing up for what is important. Now imagine that applied to other issues...

"I NEED my fire department, Mr. Hilendbrand."

... and you'll see a strategy that should carry weight at the state level as well. I have seen the Republican cuts in a Pat Miles ad for the 3rd CD, but it was very minor and in a laundry list of other problems with Justin Amash (and there are many) - not highlighted as a feature.

Pointing out the services cuts to schools and public safety is bound to resonate at more of a personal level than trade with China ever could. Everyone in Michigan has felt them to some extent - and there are more coming if the Republican plan for "more tax cuts" passes. So use it.

Anyone out there seeing examples of state Republicans being held responsible for their local votes?

And BTW, Schauer picked up the endorsement of the Lansing State Journal today:

Walberg is an extreme conservative whose polarizing views won't serve mid-Michigan well. Schauer is a moderate fighting for jobs and an improved quality of life. He's the right choice.

Given that "extreme conservative" with "polarizing views" is the main plank of the Republican Party this year, this admonishment could be applied to a whole bunch of folks, but you have to admit - Walberg is right up there, leading the pack.