Sunday, February 06, 2011

Imported From Detroit: Awesome Chrysler Super Bowl Ad

Some seriously good stuff here. WTG Chrysler!

"This is what we do".

From the LA Times, via The Freep:

“… a magnificent tribute to the city that has been plagued by all the ills that an urban area could possibly face. And it's a message to stay strong … .

In a way, it's also more than a message about Detroit … honoring a time when America was about making things -- real, hulking tangible pieces of machinery. It stood in contrast to the rest of the ads for things we click on, things made far, far away, things created by people sitting behind a desk (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Chrysler seems to say that Detroit isn't dead, and maybe the spirit of Americans making things isn't dead either."

Attitude. An attitude of pride. Of determination. Of passion. It's what has been missing in all the emotionally shallow intellectualism floating about lately. Need to see more of it, need to feel more of it.

You go Detroit. Lead the way, and maybe we will all get there someday.