Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Blizzard 2011: The View From My Driveway

Yeah, I'm not going anywhere for a while. This is the end of my driveway, and as you can see there is a good foot and a half to two feet of snow in the street.


The city has come by with one pick-up truck that had a plow on the front, and they plowed a single path down the center of the road.


This is a '93 Saturn SC2 (make an offer!), sculpted to perfection. That fence in the back is 6 ft. high (or close to it). My other SC2, parked in front of this one, created a nice wind tunnel...


Victory is mine! After a couple trips out, my steps and sidewalk are clear.


My mailperson loves me, and yes, she was out today, trudging down the middle of the road with her mailbag. Bless our civil servants, and remember this next time some teabagger (or governor or legislator or Congresscritter) wants to cut their pay...

UPDATE 3:40PM: OMG it's a real city plow, a big one, and they are clearing my street as I type. That is amazing - usually it takes a day or two until they come by.