Thursday, February 03, 2011

Snyder Administration Flip-Flops On Coal Plants

January 5, 2011. "Environmentalists cheer Snyder Administration's opposition to Holland power plant expansion".

State environmental groups are cheering Gov. Rick Snyder's administration for appealing an Ottawa County judge's ruling to allow expansion of Holland's coal-fired power plant.

“We are pleased to see the Snyder Administration is continuing to defend the Granholm Administration's Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DNRE) in arguing that the permit should be denied,” said Anne Woiwode, director of the Michigan Chapter of the Sierra Club.


Attorney General Bill Schuette filed paperwork this week indicating he will appeal Ottawa County Circuit Judge Jon Van Allsburg's Dec. 15 ruling that the state's denial of an air quality permit for an expansion of Holland's James DeYoung plant was unconstitutional.

You can stop cheering now.

Michigan’s Department of Environmental Quality will not continue its legal fight to prevent the plans for two coal power plants.


Brad Wurfel is a spokesman with MDEQ. He says their decision to change course is partly because of two judges ruling against the state and partly because of the new administration.

“Governor Snyder is in favor of building Michigan’s economy and in the case of Wolverine Rogers City has expressed an interest in additional power to realize a long term vision for increasing its port capacity, expanding its infrastructure, and they need power to do it. Right now they’re buying that power from Ohio and Indiana.”

Brad goes on to tell us that the governor isn't taking sides on the issue of coal plants, oh no, the DEQ just makes sure the permits are in compliance, blah blah blah...

Profiles in courage is Mr. Snyder. Anyone notice how this guy really hasn't taken a stand on anything? Anyone? State employee pay, the budget, tax credits, whatever the issue, so far he's always hedging his bets. Or dodging responsibility, take your pick. Wouldn't want to put a damper on those poll numbers now, would we?

Wolverine was denied a permit on the basis that they could not prove the need for a new plant, and a regulator found that rates for consumers would rise by a whopping $76 a month to pay for it. Must be that is OK fine with the Snyder adminsitration.

The Michigan Land Use Institute has a very detailed article about the fight behind these plants. Go read.

Me, I'm not surprised a bit. This is what you get when you elect Republicans. Don't know why people haven't learned the lesson yet...