Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Repeal of Item-Pricing Can't Be Repealed

Never figured that anyone would really want to mount an effort to make retailers start pricing items again, but just in case those price gun manufacturers get any funny ideas...

Item-pricing was popular with much of the public. The law just signed by Snyder has a provision that makes sure the new law cannot be reversed by a citizen referendum.

Seriously, was that really necessary? Will all legislation contain this "provision" from now on? Do we need a citizen referendum to repeal all the provisions written against citizen referendums?

Snyder says the item-pricing repeal will create more jobs because it will "give opportunities for lower prices and more economic opportunity". Unfortunately, the Meijer spokesman on hand did not immediately announce an across-the-board price drop to pass the savings along to consumers, but he did mention that certain employees can expect a "small adjustment in hours".

Be grateful there will be shelf tags to tell you what the price is, even though you will probably forget it by the time you get to the register. The original language didn't even call for that - it was a "compromise" to require retailers post the price by the item.

If this keeps up, next thing you know 'ol Fred is going to have you unloading the truck out back...