Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tea Party Members OK With Raising Taxes - On Other People

Integrity on display in Lansing today. Or, complete and total selfishness. Take your pick. Turns out the "Taxed Enough Already" Party is fine with tax increases after all - as long as it's the Republicans who are the ones raising taxes, and someone else is paying the tab.

Gene Clem of Kalamazoo, a member of Southwest Michigan Patriots, said his group wants to partner with Republican lawmakers on a tax overhaul and doesn’t intend to be “adversarial” as crunch time on the issue approaches.

An initial survey of some 200 members found 60 percent opposed to Snyder’s plan, but 40 percent in support. The changes announced Tuesday, he said could raise support to 50-50. Clem would not be hit given those changes.

"I’m 68, so I’m good,” he said.

The Tea Party is a joke. Hope people are starting to understand that.