Sunday, May 01, 2011

History Never Repeats

If events of late seem hauntingly familiar to you, there is a reason for that. Go read the January 3, 1992 review of John Engler's first year in office from Public Sector Consultants for a very surreal bit of deja vu. The majority of that report could be written on this very day.

The story remains the same: Arrogant Republican governor takes office in difficult economic times and slashes programs while handing out tax cuts. Enraged citizens protest, and try for recall. Unfortunately, the ultimate solution was as elusive then as it is now. Just need a minor update here...

Will John Engler Rick Snyder be a one-term governor, as his most dedicated enemies suggest? It really depends to some extent on how effectively the Democrats present legitimate alternatives to the Engler Snyder agenda. At present, the policy advocacy program of the Engler Snyder administration is not the only disappointment. Unprepared for rejection in 1990 2010, and afraid of further losses in 1992 2012, state Democrats are behaving like a party in decline, displaying a disheartening lack of vision in challenging the Engler Snyder administration.

While the state Democrats of today are certainly vocal about what is going on, they have yet to put up a competing plan that people can grasp as an alternative. Yes, the Republicans are mean. We know this. What do Democrats intend to offer instead? What will they fight for? Anger only carries a movement so far. Eventually you have to talk about solutions.

Will we learn from the past, or are we condemned to repeat it?

Only time will tell - but the fact that they aren't filling that void at this moment of opportunity is disturbing, to say the least.