Thursday, July 28, 2011

Electrolux Goes Back to Court to Force Demolition of Belding's Clock Tower

Made in where? Ran across this box just the other day. Coincidences are funny like that. What does it have to do with this story? Nothing. Just thought I'd toss it out there for thought.

My previous post on Electrolux and the fight to save Belding's clock tower has drawn a good bit of attention, so here's an update on the situation. Mlive/GR Press has now picked up on the story that Electrolux is pressing in court for the right of demolition, but once again the best reporting can be found in the Greenville Daily News.

Electrolux believes it should be able to tear down the historic Gibson Building and clock tower because Belding's moratorium against the project was enacted improperly.

beldingclocktowerThe company filed a motion Tuesday in Ionia County's 8th Judicial Circuit Court seeking a judgment to declare the moratorium invalid.

According to court documents provided by Electrolux, the city established the demolition moratorium before setting up the historic study committee and beginning to review the proposed district.

The company claims the moratorium is unfairly stopping it from demolishing the buildings, which would eliminate the liability they pose for Electrolux in their current state of disrepair.

A hearing will be held Aug. 23 in the Ionia County Courthouse in front of Judge Scott P. Hill-Kennedy, who is the same guy that denied Electrolux just a few weeks ago. In the meantime, the Belding City Council will be holding two readings on the amendment to make the Gibson Building part of the historic district, and if it passes, it will happen before that court date.

Wonder if the City Council will be more inclined to preserve the tower since Electrolux is forcing the issue and making them spend time and money to fight this in court. Will update again with that answer...