Thursday, July 07, 2011

Ohio Wins Solar Panel Plant Over Michigan

So, where ARE those jobs, Governor Snyder? How come we aren't seeing announcements like this?

Isofoton, a Spanish solar panel maker, will open a $32.2 million manufacturing plant in Napoleon that is expected to create more than 300 jobs in the next few years.

The firm, based in Madrid, is investing $16.4 million in the plant and will start with 121 jobs, ramping up to 330 in three years.

The Ohio Department of Development is offering $15.8 million in grants, financing, and incentives to assist with Isofoton's first North American location. The company plans to start operations by early next year. It will use a site formerly occupied by Plastech Engineered Products.

They are going to make Ohio the center of their operations for North American, with a research and development facility coming after they open the manufacturing plant. Why Ohio?

Mr. Peck said Isofoton spent two years scouting sites and chose Henry County because of the state's alternative energy incentives, Ohio's electric power consumption, a regional workforce skilled in solar panel production, and a client base ready to buy its products.

The report goes on to list the states that Ohio beat out for this business, and Michigan is one of them. Sad thing is, I'm not even trying to find these stories, but they seem to keep popping up. The Avengers movie lost to Cleveland, the offshore turbine story, now this... can you imagine what I would find if I put my mind to it?