Thursday, July 07, 2011


Shock and profound sorrow tonight. Nothing like this has ever happened before here - and this is going national. From the NYT:

Dozens of police officers with guns drawn have descended on a Grand Rapids, Mich., neighborhood in pursuit of suspect wanted in seven shooting deaths.

State police Lt. Col. Gary Gorski says officers believe they have the suspect surrounded but warned residents to stay in their homes as a standoff developed. Gorski says the suspect, who led officers on a chase that tore through the city's downtown, has proven to be very mobile.

National AP story here.

The GR Press has a live coverage timeline that they are updating here.

WOOD has on-going live coverage, they haven't left the air yet. Hundreds of cops are on the scene.

Fulton and Division is roped off after shots were fired during pursuit as cops chased the suspect through town. One injury reported there.

As I write this, the suspect is surrounded in a home on the northeast side and has one or possibly two hostages. You can listen to the scanner here.

And say a prayer for my little town and the victims of this horrible tragedy.

Update 11:30pm: WOOD reporting that the hostages are safe and the suspect has apparently shot himself. Been quite the day...