Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Governor Granholm and Dan Mulhern Talk Michigan on Morning Joe

I love this clip because it features the both of them. Give it a look:

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I also love the fact that we are starting to talk about the reality that Governor Granholm followed the Republican prescription of "cut taxes, cut government" during the first few years of her term - and how that wasn't the magic wand for fixing Michigan's economy.

We cut taxes. We cut government. Republicans insisted we do so, and now they conveniently want to forget that they had a major hand in the direction of the policy that did eventually pass, and then they turned around and tried to blame her for ... well, everything under the sun.

They are trying the same trick now on Obama, which makes the timing of this book absolutely perfect.

Heed the warning, America. We lived it here, we starting turning around once we had investment in both the auto industry and green energy companies. A country cannot succeed on "all cuts", when the rest of the world is busy investing in their people and economy. It's time for us to get off the sidelines and get in the game.

We'll just ignore the part about the blogs for now. Because I'd have to agree, as long as you include Facebook and newspaper sites. Ahem. ;-)

Some good press on the Governor's book:

  • Salon has a great write-up that covers the whole story.

  • Mlive has the WJR interview with Paul W. Smith. He's always fun, isn't he?

  • Eclectablog also writes a very good review at A2Politico. Be sure and give it a click. Superb.

  • Kathy Barks Hoffman covers the human interest story behind the book for the AP. Since that's the one that has gone national, that's the one most people will read.

  • I'm enjoying watching the reaction roll in. So far, a lot of the Michigan media has been typical and predictable - to the point of where I'm just so bored with most of them. I knew what "the usual suspects" would say before they wrote it. Eh.

    The national media, however, has been very thoughtful and respectful, and I'm so glad to see the Governor and Dan getting out on that stage and spreading the word. That's where they need to be, and I hope this country gets the message.

    And I just can't wait for the Daily Show this Thursday. That's gonna be good. Be sure and tune in.