Monday, October 17, 2011

Pat Miles Out in the 3rd

This sucks.

Between Amash's decidedly libertarian leanings that do not represent the moderate Grand Rapids area (or Battle Creek for that matter), and the hopes of higher Dem turnout in a presidential election year, I believe Pat Miles would have had a good shot at this seat. (Some D's complained that he was too centrist, but please, people, this is Grand Rapids we are talking about here.)

And I have zero idea on who might step up now. After all, give me a name (besides Schauer) that can pull off this:

“My campaign in 2010 cost about $1 million,” said Miles, who lost to Amash by a 3-2 margin. “I would estimate that an effective congressional campaign as a challenger in 2012 would probably be twice that.”

I'm guessing more, if Amash and his corporate owners (read: Dick and Betsy correction: the rest of the DeVos family) felt seriously threatened.

Anyone? Anyone want to represent the 99% in the 3rd? Come on down...