Friday, November 11, 2011

Cain Losing Ground With GOP Women, Tea Party

Cain may have a slight lead with Republican primary voters now, but these numbers should provide huge pause when it comes to a general election - especially if more women come forward and the words "sexual harassment" stay prominent in the media.

In the Republican race for the presidential nomination, Newt Gingrich's support continues to slowly grow, and he is now tied with Mitt Romney for second place, while Herman Cain just edges both of them out for the top spot. Both Cain and Romney have lost support since late October.

In a new CBS News Poll, 61 percent of Republican primary voters say the sexual harassment accusations against Cain won't make any difference in their vote, but 30 percent say the charges make them less likely to back him, and that rises to 38 percent among women. Cain has lost support among women since last month - from 28 percent in October to 15 percent now. He has lost ground with conservatives and Tea Party supporters as well.

Thirteen points in just a few short weeks is a big drop. "Conservative" support has dropped 7 points, while Tea Party support (is there a difference?) has dropped 13 as well. Eyes are turning to Newt as the Republicans frantically search for "Anyone But Romney", but that shouldn't last long. A few more condescending performances in these debates should cure everyone of wanting to hear anything ever again from Gingrich. You would hope, anyway.

But the race could still change; seven in 10 Republican primary voters say it is still too early to say for sure which candidate they will support.

Good luck with that, kids. Since anyone you pick in a primary will have to adhere to an unacceptable far-right ideology that won't sell with the general public, you've kind of backed yourself into the corner there. Couldn't have happened to a more deserving bunch of folks, IMO.