Wednesday, November 09, 2011

The GOP Circus Comes to Michigan

This threatens to totally harsh my happy buzz from last night's election results. I had hoped to avoid these blowhards until they started to separate the chaff from the... other chaff, but since this is happening here at home, I guess I have to watch, if only to read along and laugh at the snarky comments on Twitter.

Having the pro-Wall Street CNBC crew moderating the event promises to be enlightening as well. Aren't you looking forward to questions posed by Santelli and Cramer on how these candidates can best put market before people? You know you are.

Fortunately, what should be a fired-up and emboldened 99% will have a presence in the area. Can they chant loud enough to be picked up by the network microphones?

Besides the expected Michigan and national Republicans arriving on the campus, space is also being provided for the National Democratic Party, which made the request. A Freedom of Speech Area has been created for people who want to voice their own opinions or protest publicly.

Thought all of America was a "Freedom of Speech Area" (in capitals!), but you know how that goes lately.

Props to the DNC for posting this web-based ad welcoming Mittens back to the state. Mimics the popular Chrysler Super Bowl ad right down to the voice-over. Nice touch.

Romney is going to be the one to beat here, and I suspect that he won't be able to duck under the radar this time. Cain's problems will suck some oxygen out of the room to be sure, but the financial slant from CNBC should put the focus on money and how it's best worshiped - which means scrutiny on budgetary issues and the implied destruction of "entitlements". We will see if the crowd will applaud for vouchers for Medicare and raising the retirement age on Social Security.

Could make for some great ads next year. Let's hope they deliver.